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Kodak i5200V Paper Scanner

The new Kodak i5200V delivers a revolution in document imaging intelligence and power for your documents and enterprise, designed to significantly decrease human interaction from feeding…through imaging…to stacking. Increase processing volumes and accuracy to make informed decisions faster and speed business processes for delivering better customer service.



Repeated and complex functions become one-button-easy

Programmable function keys simplifying tasks according to common job orders

Minimized human interaction and time expended

Improved accuracy and processing times

Integrated with Kofax VRS Professional Software for optimal image enhancement



Scans 140 ppm

Daily Recommended Volume – Unlimited with the i5200V

Optical Resolution: 600 dpi

Paper Size: Maximum: 2.5 X 12 inches (Long Document Mode – up to 40 in.)

Automatic Document Feeder: 750-Sheet Elevator

Interface USB 2.0 High-Speed Certified



Feeder Consumables Kits

Imaging Guide Set

Printer Ink Cartridge and Carrier

Transport Cleaning Sheets

Roller Cleaning Pads

Printer Ink Blotters

Staticide Wipes

Switchable Black/White Background



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