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Kodak i4600 with VRS Paper Scanner

One of the most versatile capture solutions ever built by Kodak gets you ready for production scanning the day you open the box. Kodak i4600 Scanner with Kofax VRS Elite Software help you control information and automate processes in streamlined, valuable ways. Connectivity is now easy for customers that have an existing ImageControls environment or process documents using the Enhanced Bar Code feature.



Kofax VRS Elite Software boosts productivity by reducing manual document preparation and automatically enhancing scanned image quality

Kodak’s i4600 capture platform and Kofax VRS Elite Software allows for easy upgrades and simplified integration with your ImageControls-based IT strategy and easy processes

Output to multiple file formats and destinations, and scan to other applications



Recommended Daily Volume: Up to 50,000 pages per day

Color: Yes

Scanning Speed: 120 ppm (200 dpi, bitonal, landscape)

Scanning Resolution: 600 dpi

Bundled Software: Kofax VRS Elite Software Production License

Connectivity: Certified USB 2.0



(OPTIONAL):Kodak's Enhanced Printer Accessory, Document Extenders, 26 in., 30 in., and 34 in., Kodak A3 Flatbed Accessory and Kodak A4 Flatbed Accessory



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